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Climate literacy is an understanding on your influence on the climate and climate's influence on you and society.
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Why does Climate Literacy matter?

-Scietific observations show that human activity is a primary cause of climate change such as higher temperatures.
-Climate change will bring about environmental challenges as well as opportunities. People with Climate literacy can be better prepared for both
-Climate change is and will continue to be a significant topic during a conversation. Those with Climate Literacy will better contribute to everyday conversation as well as better informing others of the changing climate
"Science, Mathmatics, and Technology have a profound inpact on our individual lives and our culture. They play a role in almost all human endeavors, and they affect how we relate to one another and the world around us. . . . Science Literacy enables us to make sence of real world phenomena, informs our personal and social decisions, and serves as a foundation for a lifetime aof learning"
-American Association for the advancement of science, Atlas of Science Literacy, volume 2, project 2061-
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Climate Literacy: The essential principals of Climate Science

1: The sun is the primary source for the earths climate system
-The greenhouse effect, natural gasses such as water vapor trap sunlight to keep the earth warm.

2: Climate is regualted by complex interactions amongst components of Earth systems
-Earth's climate is influenced by interactions involving the Sun, Oceans, Atmosphere, Clounds, Ice, Land, and Life.

3: Life on earth depends on climate
-Certain populations live within different regions of temperature, precipitation, humidity, and sunlight.

4: Climate varies over space and time
-Climate is determined on temperature and precipitation averages, based on different times such as different seasons.

5: Our understanding of climate is improving through our observations.
-The behavior of our climate can be understood and poredicted through careful systematic study

6: Human activities are impacting the climate system
-Studies say that an increase of human activity is affecting global temperatures.

7: Climate change will have consequences for earth systems and human life.
-Climate change will bring about natural phenomena such as flooding due to rising ocean levels. This will cause people to move or create new ways to live with the new habitat.