Q) Do you think tap water or bottled water is healthier? Why?

Foerster- "Tap water"
Chelsea Drouin- "Tap because you get stuff you shouldn't so it builds up your immune system."

Q) How do we conserve energy?

Foerster- " I rarely run my AC. I dont leave stuff plugged in unnecsarily. Turning off lights.

Szerdy- " Turn lights off, short showers, hang clothes then dryer for 5 min. In the winter i hang them in my basement and in the summer i hang them outside.

What comes to your mind when you think of water pollution?

Abby Sutliff- " Sewage"

Lauren Rose- " Seals dying and oil spills"

Nick- "I didn't even know there was water pollution."

One thing you do to help the environment and why?

Joe B- "Recycle because it is easy and helps save trees, plastic etc."

Nathan- " Stop using so much hair spray because it does something to the ozone."

Ericka- " I don't litter because its bad."

What are some ways you practice energy conservation?

Matt- "I turn the water off when i brush my teeth."

Chealsy- " I wash my cloths in full loads instead of smaller loads so i use the same amount of water but get more done! I also buy my food and other items in bulk."

Lauren- " I make sure when i leave my room my lights are off. I have also started taking shorter showers."