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September 11, 2009:


National Geographic Video~State Of The Earth

October 19, 2009: EarthlyIdeas-PerviousConcrete.jpg

December 10, 2009:
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Labfest 2009:
  • The lab fest 2009 was about the process of water being filtered through the Earth and what needed to happen in order for the water to be made potable. We also found out what types of soil are more permeable and have a higher porosity. We first tested the soil samples by finding what percentage of sand, silt, and clay were in the sample. Next we filtered the water through different filters finding that the filtration systems contaminated the water. We also tested the permeability and porosity of the soil samples. If the flow rate was high then it was not a good filter. If the flow rate was low, it would filter the water better. We also did a test on the soils Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. These would show if the soil was over contaminated with a certain substance that can effect the filtration cycle. After the filtering station we did water treatment. We would test the sample waters for different contaminates. By finding what contaminants were in the water we could make them potable. The next lab was when we would drink the potable water and rate them based on the quality of taste, smell, and color.