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Our group’s purpose is to find a location and make sure that the location that we pick will be good a choice. A land lab is classroom outside where certain studies can take place.We also have to contact other land labs to take advice about how to start and learn from what they built. My group has to find contour maps to show the elevation of the land in Twinsburg so that we can find a place suitable for what our class is trying to build.

We would also like to build a garden that will be a self-watering and healthy to the environment. We are gathering some ideas from other garden centers and what others have built.


- Planting bed site
- Composting site
- Rain Garden site
- Wooded site

This site will let you take a look into why land labs are becoming so popular and some that have been created.

These are the dimensions of our organic garden. This will also be a part of out Land Lab.

This garden from Elmwood Elementry. An example of what our garden will look like.